At London Bridge Linens, we have been making fine bedding for over thirty years.

Our customers include hospitality and health care distributors, retail stores, internet ventures, and government facilities, as well as individual consumers who only need one bottom sheet.

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The London Bridge Linens facility was built in 1984, and stands apart from other buildings in the area with its attractive tilt-up aggregate construction and award-winning architecture.<br>
   			The building commands a breathtaking view of the Colorado River, and also of the tiny storage unit across the street where the company made its first mattress pads. Gary Hettick is the president of London Bridge Linens.  He schedules mattress pad production, handles purchasing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the top-level administration of the company.<br>
   			Gary and his wife, Carole, came to Lake Havasu City from the Seattle area, and fell in love with the community.  He is active in the local <a href=''>Rotary Club</a>, where he helps to organize 
   			the annual <a href='' target='_blank'>Havasu Island Balloon Festival and Fair</a> Carole Hettick retired as our Vice President in September of 2012.  For over 30 years, she handled our human resources and advertising.  In addition, she was also involved with selecting new fabrics 
   			and in our direct retail sales through our factory showroom. Our factory showroom is where we serve our local community, offering deeply discounted custom-made bedding for local residents and interior decorators.<br>
   			Since Lake Havasu City has such a large population of winter visitors, who come to our community to enjoy our weather during the colder months, our showroom tends to 
   			be very busy during that season.  But we're never busier than during our annual parking-lot sale, which takes place in November.  During that sale, we 
   			blow out all of the factory overruns, seconds, and irregular goods that accumulate during the year. London Bridge Linens has three distinct departments: Sheets, Mattress Pads, and Specialty.  Our sheet department is, by far, our largest.  We are proud to offer 
   			a variety of colors in eight different types of fabric.  Our manufacturing techniques allow us to produce sheets for any size mattress, both conventional and waterbed, 
   			meaning that we can create a sheet set for any size or shape mattress, with a variety of options such as custom-sized top sheets, adjustable bed features, and more! Dora Melendez and Richard Weinberg are busy sewing mattress pads.  Our Mattress Pad department caters to the needs of 
   			several different industries, from casinos, to nursing homes, to cruise ships, to government facilities like barracks and prisons.  These large institutional orders 
   			don't get in the way of smaller and more specialized orders, like round mattress pads, or custom-shaped pads to fit beds made to curve with the hull of a boat. James Edgerton operates our panel cutter.  As our factory foreman, he has a wide range of duties, like cutting mattress pad fabric, order entry, 
   			inventory control, general building maintainance, and preparing our goods for shipment at the end of the day.<br>His cheerful and up-beat personality helps make our factory a fun place to work. Mary Peralto guides a custom bottom sheet as elastic is sewn on.  After ten years with the company, Mary has sewn just about 
   			every size and shape and strange request imaginable.  She passes those vital skills along whenever a new seamstress joins our team.
Melissa Dahse carefully measures fabric for a bed skirt.  Our highly-skilled Specialty department produces all of our comforters, bed skirts, bedspreads, 
   			pillow shams, duvet covers, deco pillows, daybed ensembles, futon covers, and everything else that isn't a sheet or a mattress pad.  They often work with a customer's own material 
   			as they serve the needs of interior designers and upscale furniture stores. Oleta Curtis (right) and Virginia Bailon (left) are busy sewing waterbed sheets.  While many larger companies have dropped or greatly reduced their waterbed 
   			product lines, seeing the diminished market as too small to support, the Swan Lake Collection of waterbed sheets 
   			continues to thrive. Susan Marlett can often be found sewing sheets, but like many of our employees, she is capable of shifting roles when needed.  Sometimes filling in for someone 
   			in a cutting room, or on the mattress pad folding table, or helping to pin a comforter in the specialty department. James Edgerton shrink-wraps a pallet of high-thread-count bed sheets for shipment to an upscale casino.  Large orders like this one are produced alongside our much smaller 
   			drop-ship orders, often for just a single sheet set and a mattress pad.  Each order is handled with the same attention to detail. Patty & Javier Ordoñez are a mother-and-son team.  Shown here in one of our sheet cutting rooms, they're responsible for 
   			the first step in sheet production, which is measuring and cutting the sheets to the exact dimensions needed to 
   			produce what the customer ordered. One of the special projects that has been brought to us over the years was this giant US Flag, commissioned by 
   			our local fire department, to be carried in our annual London Bridge Days parade in 2003.<br>
   			The flag is 26 feet wide and 50 feet long!  It's shown here on the day we completed it, being held by 
   			our employees in our parking lot.<br><br>As luck would have it, the day of the parade was so windy that 
   			the flag had to be folded up and stored away. Vicki Lockhart joined our team in June of 2014.  She schedules our daily sheet production and takes care of our valuable customers by answering questions
   			 by phone and email.  She forms the hub of our office and, if you call, it's probably Vicki that will pick up the phone. She can either answer your question or tranfer you to someone who can. Ron Yingling serves as our General Manager.  He schedules the production for our specialty department, oversees the day-to-day operations of the factory, interviews and hires new employees, and 
   			steps in where neccessary to keep things running smoothly, whether that puts him behind a computer doing order-entry, or 
   			loading fabric rolls into our warehouse.<br><br>Ron is also a runner in his spare time, and is involved with <a target='_blank' href=''>Relay for Life</a>.
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